Waikumete Cemetery

Waikumete Cemetery is under the governing jurisdiction of the Waitakere City Council. It is the responsibility of the Chevra to manage the Jewish sections of the cemetery in conjunction with the Council. The Chevra is responsible for all activities which occur in the Hebrew areas of Waikumete Cemetery. There are two sections: Section A, the old area and Section B, the newer area (28 November 1976 onwards).

In addition to ensuring all burials and consecrations are carried out in accordance with Halacha (Jewish law) we are also responsible for maintaining the cemetery to the high standard required by our community. This entails periodic working parties as well as managing external resources and liaising with the Waitakere City Council.

For further information about plots and locations, please contact Marcus Tetro.
For information on grounds and maintenance programs at Waikumete, please contact Michael Silverman.


The Waikumete Cemetery is located at:
4128 Great North Road
Glen Eden

google map2 1 - Waikumete Cemetery

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cemetery location - Waikumete Cemetery

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Buying, Selling or Releasing Plots

In the past, the Chevra has reserved plots for our members without requesting payment although due to inflation, those members who have chosen to prepay their sections have enjoyed lower prices than those who have elected not to do so. In 2010, Waikumete proposed that plots which are reserved must be paid for and as such we can no longer guarantee that unpaid plots will remain available for you.

For information on plot transactions, please download the Chevra Waikumete Plot Information Sheet and then select the relevant document below.

For help, please contact Marcus Tetro.

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