Legal Structure

The Chevra consists of two organisations:

1. The Auckland Chevra Kadisha and Benevolent Society (“the Society”); and
2. The Auckland Chevra Kadisha and Benevolent Society’s Trust Board (“the Trust Board”).

Both the Society and the Trust Board are registered New Zealand charities (Society: CC38160 and Trust Board: CC38162).

The Society fulfills the daily functions required by the members whereas the Trust Board owns and manages the assets of the Chevra and ensures that the income from these assets is made available to the Society to assist with its activities.

Often members leave bequests in their wills to the Chevra and these funds are conservatively maintained and managed by the Trust board.

Rules of The Chevra

The Chevra is governed by a set of rules, a copy of which are available to members on request.

To request a copy of the rules please click on the button below to contact the Chevra Secretary.

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